Ahoy, web wanderer!

I don’t know how you stumbled upon this site – perhaps through social media, or an interdimensional portal, or perhaps my enthusiastic-yet-informational cheesemaking cookbook* – but I’m glad to have you.

If you’re lost and wondering where to start, well, I say start with a cup of coffee or tea, per your preference. After that, I say check out a few of the most salient pieces here on New Leaf Writing. These guides are meant to help you get your feet wet in the world of copywriting, self-publishing and generally being a word badass.

If you want more information after reading them, you can always get in touch for coaching or to work together. You can also get in touch just because, or to laugh about Family Guy jokes … I’m always down.

Before that, though, let me just drop a little wisdom on you. BOOM.

Copywriting: Your Guide to Getting Started

Humor Writing: The Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

The Freelance Mindset for Copywriters

Direct Marketing: Leverage This Writing Niche to Make More Money

Productivity: Critical Management Skills for Increasing Your Writing Success

How I Earned Location Independence and Moved to Belize with a Family of Four

Again, if you see anything you want further information about or decide you want to work together, feel free to get in touch!

* I do not actually have one of these, but I really wish I did.

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