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Creative copy for websites, books & print collateral … that totally won’t put your customers to sleep.

Blog posts, articles & email newsletters that get your point across … you know, in a super fun and genius way.

Detailed branding plans to guide your business development and marketing efforts … and make you look cool as hell (really).


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First we exchange a few nice hellos. Then maybe we ask about each others’ weekends. After that, we get to work: You tell us all about your business goals and how we can help you achieve them. Depending on your aims, this may include a single project or an ongoing plan.*

We offer two rounds of edits on every project, helping to ensure you leave with the words that will successfully transmit your message to the world. If you need additional tweaking, we work at a flat rate. When you are satisfied, we’ll send you on your way or discuss additional projects.

And now, the fun part. We conduct interviews with you, gather research from you or other sources, outline and write. At every step of the way, you approve the content, always making sure we keep your vision in mind and aligning every piece of content with your other projects and brand.

Once we’ve laid the groundwork, we’ll make a plan about how to achieve your business, creative, academic or social media objectives. Whether you need one-time copy, ongoing content or brand strategy, we’ll decide on an approach and price for moving forward/kicking butt.

*We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to all new clients. BECAUSE WE’RE JUST THAT AMAZING.

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Sarah’s expertise and knowledge have been essential to guiding our brand strategy and she very quickly upped our content marketing game. Her copywriting was a critical piece to our website redesign and to top it off, she’s incredibly responsive, a great collaborator, and fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

~ Greg and Rondi Raymond, Ecogardens

If we were, we probably wouldn’t tell you. Not without a three-point thesis, at least. However, if you want to write up a three-point thesis on why one of us should consider dating you, we would really, really like to see it.

Is anyone on your team single and looking for love?

At the moment, no, we’re not accepting guest posts. However, that may change, so feel free to check back!

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, we do both. You can work with us here on the blog, or on Instagram @newleafwriting, which has a following of more than 45,000.

We will only review and advertise your product if we first try it and like it, and would be willing to use it in our own lives. Please feel free to email and learn more about our rates as well as how your product would be featured. We are always happy to partner with other creatives and brands, so even if your budget is small, we still invite you to get in touch.

Do you do product reviews or advertisements?

You may always feel free to email. If it’s truly ONE little question, there’s a good chance we’ll try to help you out. If it’s a more involved question, however, we recommend you sign up for coaching with Sarah.

Can I get your thoughts on this one question about writing/editing/business-ing/being awesome?

Unfortunately, no. Our team is pretty happy the way it is for now. If that changes, you’ll see it right here on this page, so unless you do, please don’t ask. We thank you for your understanding!

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Up there in the menu or in the footer of the site. We encourage you to come on down and say hi, especially if you're a book-lover looking for companionship. Sarah is most active on Instagram @newleafwriter.

Where can we find all your social media-type thingies?

Both, obviously.

Do you prefer dragons or unicorns?

The fact that you have to ask shows you’re not even worthy of the answer.

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