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You Need an Editor: Stop Whining and Accept It

This will be a short little post, since there’s really not much to say. In short, all I want to say is this: You are not your own freaking editor. Pound that into your brain. You need an editor. Do not edit your own work. Seriously. Do not do it.

How to Format Your Fiction Novel in Calibre Without Killing Yourself

Looking to format a book for Kindle? The answer is a resounding: Calibre. It’s all about this program. In this two-part guide, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty guide on how to format your fiction novel in Calibre, so that hopefully your process doesn’t need to be nearly as slow and dirty […]

Write What You … No

Express even a simple, teeny, tiny scrap of infinitesimal interest in writing, and here is one piece of cheerful advice you’re bound to hear: Write what you know! If someone were to pen a book titled How to Become a Writer in Ten Hundred Thousand Easy Steps, this would be Step One. Or Step Zero. […]

Can You Publish Fiction Without a Developmental Edit?

The first and obvious answer to this question is “yes.” Ever since there have been printing presses, it’s been possible for humans to publish their work without anyone else’s oversight. Of course, it used to be prohibitively expensive, and most people didn’t even have the education to get the job done anyway. Now, that’s not […]

Which Self-Publishing Tasks Should You Outsource, and Which Should You Do Yourself?

Looking at a list of self-publishing tasks, I’m guessing you have soooooo many questions. It’s like, could there be more questions? Was this industry designed JUST TO GIVE YOU MORE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER IN LIFE?? AS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM ALREADY?? *takes deep breath and a short nap. returns* Really, though, self-publishing […]

Interview with Elise Kova: Learn How a Self-Published Author Launched a USA Today Bestselling Series

I have worshipped at the altar of Elise Kova for several years now. This is for multiple reasons. Firstly, I adore her Air Awakens series. The combination of a wonderful world, a perfectly written romance, memorable secondary characters and lots of elemental plotline makes, for me, the ideal reading experience. Secondly, though, I admire the […]

Novel or Nothing? You Might Be Cheating Yourself Out of an Amazing Career

Writers – and isn’t that pretty much all of us? – tend to inspire stereotypes. Large, black-framed glasses. Pumpkin spice eeeeeeverything. Mug cozies. (Because obviously, your mug of jasmine tea needs to remain very, very hot if you want a visit from the muse.) Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list of stereotypes, but admit […]

How to Write the Perfect Book Review (Without Being a Jerk)

Book reviews are the lifeblood of the publishing industry. Without people saying nice things about a book, it’s just not going to do very well, no matter how much marketing goes into selling that book. As such, publishers and authors are constantly looking for reviewers, and people routinely search for reviews before they choose whether […]

You Can Write Your Memoir! Easy Steps for Getting Started on an Overwhelming Task

By Rachelle Indra So you want to write your memoir but don’t know where to start. This is the complaint I hear most when I tell someone I’m currently pitching my memoir to agents. People look at me with this deflated smile, wishing they had finally written their story. Or occasionally, desperately trying to hide […]

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