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Writing Productivity: Critical Management Skills for Increasing Your Writing Success

Okay, let’s get real for a minute. If you actually want to become a successful writer, you need some major writing productivity skillz. With a Z. LIKE A REAL WRITER. Okay, no. I just like to get a little OG once in a while to keep it tight. Because, you know, fun. *rolls eyes at […]

Why I’m Not Doing a Social Media Cleanse, and Probably Never Will

Do a quick Google search online, and you’ll find any number of posts dedicated to the importance and worth of performing a social media cleanse. Take this one, for example, which promotes the spiritual benefits of refusing to check social for a week. Or this one, which warns that you might be headed for a […]

Stop Stalling Out and Learn the REAL Way to Get Started Working from Home

I’m going to kick this post off with a quick recap of my career working from home as a freelance writer: Struggling employee. Unemployed “freelancer” unsuccessfully working from home. Mildly employed new mom. SERIOUSLY employed new mom. Mom who can finally afford to send children to pre-school and not blow her brains out. Successful copywriter […]

No Editor? No Problem. You Got This

Every great writer needs an amazing editor. Sometimes that amazing editor is another person. But sometimes – whether because of a tight deadline or because you run a one-woman shop – you need to star in both roles. This is no small task. So I’ll pause here to slow clap for you. Now that you […]

Why You Need to Slow Down Your Work … Right Now (+Bulletproof Coffee)

So I was making bulletproof coffee this morning. If you haven’t experienced this magic for yourself, it’s a concoction of coffee and butter and some other things and it results in the most magical-tasting beverage you could ever imagine. I love it more than my own life. I mean really, it’s nothing short of miraculous. […]

How to Create and Organize Systems Using Asana

You hear often how important it is to have systems for ALL THE THINGS. The idea of systems gets thrown around a bunch and it can be tricky to know exactly what it means. Systems are basically a list of all the steps that go into everything you do. It’s really that simple. For example, […]

4 Strategies for Carving Out Writing Time for Mom

Looking for more writing time? This is one of the hardest things for us moms to do: say no to our kids, so we can say yes to us. Having children can be all-encompassing if you let it. Full weeks go by and I look back and think, did I get anything accomplished besides keeping […]

4 Ways to Make Time to Work on Your Own Writing (+ Bonus Tip)

Most of us got into writing because we wanted to write the next Harry Potter, Grapes of Wrath, or, fine … Twilight. Don’t judge, y’all. That chick coughs up hundred dollar bills. But it’s hard to find time to write what we are truly passionate about. If you work a day job, you may be […]

How I Use My Bookmarks Bar Approximately 203984029834023 Times More Effectively Than Before

Ah, the bookmarks bar. That thing that was invented back in … um. It’s, like, always been there, hasn’t it? Right? Let’s just say that as soon as it appeared, we all immediately treated it as though it had been there forever, and it’s now an indispensable part of most browser setups. I know mine […]

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