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How to Work While You Travel: A Beginner’s Guide to Location Independence

One of the best things about being a digital nomad is that you can work while you travel. One of the worst things about being a digital nomad is that you can work while you travel. Yeah. It’s like that. While it’s lovely to move to foreign countries, work from a beautiful bed in a […]

5 Steps to Creating a Nomadic Family Lifestyle

Moving abroad with kids was easy! … said no parent ever in the history of humankind. Because moving with kids is not easy. Doing anything with kids is not easy. Bad grammar aside, kids just are. not. easy. However, leading a nomadic (or, in our case, semi-nomadic) lifestyle is possible, especially if you put the […]

Hear It from the Experts: Advice on Moving and Working Abroad

If you’ve read the rest of this series, you know that I LOVE living abroad, but that it was a heckuva journey getting here. If you missed my posts on building a location-independent business and moving abroad with a family of four, you can find those here: Part I: Introduction Part II: Building My Business […]

How I Became Location-Independent and Moved to Belize with a Family of Four Part IV: Setting Up the Move

Moving day. This is where things become a bit generic. Not as generic as “we like ice cream for dessert,” but considerably more generic than “at my house on Sunday nights, sometimes we all get together for a moon-viewing party and eat honeycomb harvested from a sacred stump in the forest.” That’s just a dessert […]

How I Became Location-Independent and Moved to Belize with a Family of Four, Part III: Becoming a Bona Fide Digital Nomad

  If you’re reading this, chances are good you want to move abroad, either as a digital nomad or to settle (semi-)permanently in a foreign country. Well, friend, I feel you. In fact, I feel you so hard that I picked up and left the United States not long ago, and moved to Belize with […]

How I Became Location-Independent and Moved to Belize with a Family of Four, Part II: Building My Business

Hello, fellow travelers, location independent folks, move-abroaders, WISH-you-could-move-abroaders, just-testing-the-water-of-a-nomadic-lifestylers, and regular ol’ I-simply-want-to-freaking-work-from-homers. First of all, let me just say: I almost broke Microsoft Word with that above sentence. It just … could … not … handle … so many made-up words. Second of all, I’m quite glad to have you here. If you missed […]

How I Earned Location Independence and Moved to Belize with a Family of Four

I’m here in Belize, living in my apartment overlooking a shimmering canal and only a five-minute walk from the beach. I finally have location independence and it’s seriously a dream come true. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, finding it hard to believe I live in beautiful Placencia Village. And other times the wifi goes […]

How to Work from Home as a Writer When You Don’t Have an Office

If you’re like me and work from home as a writer, you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what a better writer you’d be if you just had a damn office. A place all your own! A space dedicated to your creativity! With a lavender couch facing your floor-to-ceiling French doors, leading out […]

Don’t Eat the House! How to Avoid Temptation While Working from Home

How to avoid temptation while working from home is a subject not enough people talk about. But as anyone who works from home knows, fighting the siren call of the fridge (or cookie jar) is a serious problem. Sure, people at the office have to deal with leftover birthday cake from that random guy’s 50th […]

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