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The Psychology of Using Humor in Your Writing: A Subtle and Delicate Persuasion Technique

You already know that humor writing is a powerful persuasive technique, but the question is: Why is it so persuasive, and how can you put it to work for you? Good question, self! Let’s talk about that! My best friend and I have used a particular expression to describe tough situations ever since we were […]

Humor Writing: The Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Humor writing. It’s important. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Screw humor writing. I want to be funnier on dates, with my friends, and around the family table during the holidays. Who cares about work? Well, that’s a whole other blog post/novel/encyclopedia set. I’m not going to tackle that, mostly because I have no idea […]

How to Make Writing Fun (Even When It Feels Like Work)

We’ve all had writing projects that felt soooo hard to get moving on or get finished. Regardless of the reason why, creating wasn’t fun. Instead it felt like work. And not the fun kind of work like sampling cheeses or writing a round-up of favorite cat memes. No, my friend. Not like that at all. Instead, […]

How to Use Humor with Serious Topics

Humor is an inescapable part of human life … or at least it should be. We’ve all heard the phrases: You laugh or you cry.  Gallows humor. We who think we are about to die will laugh at anything. Well, actually, you probably haven’t heard that last one. But it’s the best, right? So dark […]

10 Surefire Ways to Get Rid of Clients

Most of the time, the posts her on New Leaf Writing are about how to keep clients. After all, who wants to work that hard only to tell people to kiss off? Bank account does NOT approve. Better ideas including dating and wooing clients, setting good boundaries and learning to manage your time. But sometimes, […]

How to Stop Writing Boring Email Hooks and Craft Something Read-Worthy Instead

Ah, email. Simultaneously the highlight of our day or the inbox-eating nemesis we simply. can’t. kill. No matter how hard we try. Given that every single human with an address feels this way, it’s important to find ways around the dreaded “Mark as Read” that gets your work sent straight to the trash before people […]

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