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10 Common Rejections Writers Face … and Their Kickass Antidotes

The rejections writers face are endless: from agents as fiction writers, from editors as nonfiction aficionados, even from clients as service providers. Criticism of any kind is depressing, but when it’s a terse one-liner with no explanation, it’s especially brutal. The rejections writers face have been known to shut us down completely because let’s face […]

How to Handle Bizarre Client Feedback

Sometimes, I see some truly bizarre client feedback. Like the time a guy gave me no direction whatsoever, read my piece, then came back at me with a list of about 20 lines of what I “should” have included. It’s not bizarre that he gave me no direction; it’s actually quite common as a copywriter […]

Freelance Writing Jobs to Avoid

As a new freelancer, you’re most likely thinking about freelance writing jobs to get, not freelance writing jobs to avoid. Well, first of all, good for you. You’ve got hustle. Second of all, you need to rethink your approach.

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