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How to Go Above and Beyond and Get Lifelong Clients

It’s not enough to get clients.  I mean, it is. It’s awesome. I love my clients – mostly, anyway. And those I don’t love don’t stay clients for long. Thing is, though, it gets exhausting if you have nothing but turnover. Even a client who pays a lot for a project still requires lots of […]

How to Move People from Social Media to Your Blog

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something about social media that you don’t? Like, that they all received some secret kabbalistic teaching and you just … weren’t there that day? A lot of bloggers and writers aren’t sure how to leverage social media, because the brevity of social content seems to clash with the […]

The Best Books on Freelancing for New Copywriters

So you want to learn to write for clients, which means you need the best books on freelancing! I’ve got a quick list for you here, but before I go further, let me just say: I am not claiming that a book is the solution to your problems or will make you a copywriter, like, […]

Here’s How to Beat Fear of Failure and Stop Quitting Projects

The friends and family who know me well are very, very familiar with my desire (and failure) to stop quitting projects. I have started and ended a million businesses, a billion blogs, and a trillion novels. Yes. THAT MANY. No hyperbole involved whatsoever. I’d like to think my parents/siblings/in-laws/teachers/friends/etc. think of me as bright, vivacious, […]

How to Set Your Writing Priorities

On how to set your writing priorities… “I have all the time in the world and never worry about meeting my deadlines and personal goals!” … said no writer ever. Nope. In this world of schoolwork and bosses, raising kids and making lunches, getting to the gym and consistently failing to get to the gym, […]

My Complete Guide to a Kickass Freelance Writer Workflow

You know it and I know it. It’s a glaring human truth. It’s so obvious even children understand it. No, the Great Revelation of This Post is not that ice cream is delicious, although that too is a glaring human truth. It’s this: Routine cultivates success. Before you see that success, of course, you have […]

How to Schedule Writing Projects So They ALWAYS Get Done

It’s hard to schedule writing projects, no doubt about it. One project? Sure. Twenty projects for different clients on a rolling basis? Not so sure. Keeping a full pipeline that involves twenty different projects for multiple stages, including pitching, agreeing and signing contracts, writing, editing and finalizing? Um … yes? Oh, and that’s just the […]

Suck It, Carpal Tunnel! Or: How One Writer Beat Carpal Tunnel

Today I’m here to tell you a story about carpal tunnel! And here it goes: I had it. It sucked. It’s gone now. I beat carpal tunnel. The end. Pretty good story, right? Especially since for a few months there I was living in fear of my hands drying up into useless twig-like claws of […]

When You Start a Copywriting Side Business, What Should Your Rates Be?

All right, you’ve started your copywriting side business. Now take a deep breath. Money makes most people nervous, if not downright paranoid, and it can be uncomfortable to talk about these things even with yourself. All sorts of fears swirl to the top when $$$ comes up: What if I’m not good enough? What if […]

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