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Increase Writing Productivity: How to Get More Work Done in Less Time

Eeeeeerryone wants to get more writing done in less time. Picture it: A novel every two months. An ebook or two every month. A blog post every weekday. A new fiction series every year. Doesn’t that sound lovely? And a tad unrealistic? Well, yes and no. I’ll tell you upfront I’ve certainly achieved nothing like […]

How Do Copywriting and Fiction Work Together? (Hint: They’re Both Types of Creative Writing!)

So you want to be a fiction writer and are curious about different types of creative writing. Maybe you currently work as a checker or at a bookstore. Perhaps you’re in school for graphic arts or work at a law firm. You know you want this writing thing to happen, but it will have to […]

An Easier Way to Write a Character Study

One of the most irritating moments in my entire writing career was when an editor told me, before I typed one word of the novel rewrite on which I was working, that I was going to have to write a character study for every character in the novel. I was like … are you kidding me […]

50 Steps to a Complete Character Study

Ah, characters. Whether readers are supposed to love or hate them, they’re absolutely critical to a good story. But writing them is not as easy as one might suppose … especially since the whole “sprung out of my head fully formed!” thing is total BS. That’s where the complete character study comes in, a full-scale […]

Ten Reference Books Every Writer Should Own

By Rachelle Indra Every writer needs to brush up on their skills. I don’t care who you are … you need to be constantly learning. But Lord knows most of us don’t have time to do last night’s dishes, let alone take a class on writing. So here are a few reference books that every […]

Increase Your Copywriting Prowess with a Daily Short Story Habit

People tell me all the time that they don’t imagine copywriting to be a creative endeavor. They say it in a mildly surprised way, not like they’re insulting me, but like they just “never knew!” Uh huh. Thank you. The truth is, copywriting is much, much more than simply churning out chaff to meet a […]

How to Use Great Authors to Inspire Your Own Work

The great authors are great for a reason. They didn’t earn the title “Great” (appended to such Totally Badass Warriors as Alexander and Dope Kings of Judea as Herod) for nothing. They earned it for one reason, and one reason alone: Because they’re better than you. But hey, don’t feel bad. They’re better than me […]

Beat Writer’s Block with Stupidly Simple Shifts

Other than painful papercuts, writer’s block is the worst thing we have to deal with as a writer. I assure you, we all bash our heads against it every now and then. The trick is not to try to prevent it from happening. *guffaws* You’ll never accomplish that. Instead, I’m here to teach you a […]

Fiction Skills: Not Just for Fiction (We’re Talking to You, Copywriters)

Do you want to know the No. 1 mistake I made when I was a new copywriter? I kept thinking of my fiction skills as a hindrance. Yep, I want to be a novelist and short story writer. Congrats, you’re thinking. Get in line. About 80 percent of the world wants to write a book.

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