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Elevator Pitch 101: Learning to Tell Clients What You Do (and Make it Sound Good)

As your copywriter, your main job is this: write content that gets your clients’ audiences to trust them. That’s it, plain and simple. You’ve heard the whole “know, like, trust” marketing adage, right? If not, hear it now: in order to sell, prospects need to know, like and trust. So in order for clients to […]

The Write Practice Guest Post: How to Use Big Words Without Making a Fool of Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I’m always using big words. Mostly because I like the sound of them. And I kind of like to impress myself. Hopefully, others are impressed too, but it doesn’t matter, because Me is always a fan of Me. But this has gotten me into trouble from time to time, […]

Jane Friedman Guest Post: When You Shouldn’t Hire and Pay for a Professional Editor

We writers looooove to create content. And we just freaking hate to edit it. Like, it’s the worst. How dare anyone – even ourselves! – touch our pristine work and try to make it into Some Other Thing That Won’t Be As Good? So help us, you/we better not! Nevertheless, there are times when your […]

Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part V: Know When NOT to Ignore the Stats

What? Huh? WHAT?! But Sarah, you – you said … *hyperventilates* Calm down. This is a short post, but it’s important. Honestly, if I told you marketing statistics have no meaning whatsoever, would you really believe me? They do, of course. You just have to be selective. Because you have a real life to live. […]

Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part IV: Ditch Headline Analyzers

Ready for some really sad news? Your headline efforts are completely worthless. Every wasted minute you spend trying to game the system with a great headline is pointless, because it just won’t help you stand out. It’s an exercise in futility. (There’s a Borg joke here, I’m sure of it. I just … can’t … […]

Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part III: Employ Approachable Writing Instead

In this series, we’re talking about why you should ignore one to one marketing statistics, specifically getting clear on whether one to one marketing stats actually matter, before we take a look at the role of approachability in your copywriting biz. If you missed these first two posts, feel free to jump over and read […]

Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part II: I Had One to One Marketing All Wrong … and Chances Are, You Do Too

(Miss the first post in this series? Find it here.) When I first became a copywriter, I did what many do: generated massive amounts of cheap keyword-riddled chaff. I got paid for it, but not well, mostly because my clients weren’t seeing much results from my work. I’m not stupid, though, and I could see […]

Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part I: How I Stopped Writing Crappy Copy and Started Converting with One Simple Decision

Ahhhhhhhhhh, marketing. That thing you know you need to do. The thing that seems impossible, that makes you curl up into a teeny ball of insecurity every time you confront the task, that makes you feel as though giant birds are pecking at the door to your mind, squawking do it do it do it […]

Why Copywriters Should Establish Niche Industries

So you’re a copywriter hopeful – or already working in the field – and you’re not quite sure where to go from here. You want more business, and you want to enjoy your work more. But sometimes things feel a little scattered, you feel all over the place, you have to do too much research. […]

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