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How to Set Yourself Up to Find Your First Paying Copywriting Clients

Figuring out how to find your first copywriting clients is not an easy task, I willingly admit that. It will take some trial and error, not to mention some significant hustle, to Do The Thing. But that’s okay, because life is long, and you’ve got time to spend and hustle to give, I’m betting. Elsewise […]

How to Develop Badass Themes in Copywriting

  If your response to this title was something along the lines of “Themes in copywriting? I think NOT!” … then I don’t blame you. When we hear the word “theme,” we think of 8th grade English, and no wonder, because Mrs. Hermes just would not shut up about it. Would. Not. So I, and […]

How Copywriting Personality Affects Your Brand

So you want to be a copywriter, but you find yourself saying: “Oh, I don’t have the right copywriting personality to [fill in the blank]. I could never build a brand around my weaksauce personality.” First of all, don’t sell yourself short. You’re not weaksauce. At most, your personality is lame. Kidding. Second of all, […]

The Role of Social Media in a Copywriter’s Life

One of my favorite things about clients is how much faith they have in me. One of my least favorite things about clients is how much faith they have in me. Confused? Here’s what I mean: Clients who are really happy with you and give you free reign are awesome. It’s so much fun to […]

How to Handle Pushback with Copywriting Rates

We recently discussed the copywriting rates you should charge in your side business, but then someone asked me: What happens if your client says no? Good question, because clients do. Not as often as you might think (not nearly as often, in fact), but it does happen.

7 Things You Must Do Before Delivering Copy to a Client

  When you finally have client work, it’s tempting to dash off an email, quick like a bunny to them, enthusing about how much fun it was, painting castles in the sky about your loooooong and fruiiiiitful relationship now and in future, forever and ever and … Mmkay, but don’t. I know this temptation well. […]

Goodbye, Boredom: 8 Tips to Make Your Copywriting Funnier Today

In an age where content mills churn out keyword-stuffed drivel, and anyone with a computer and half the HTML-coding skills of a chimp can call themselves a copywriter, it’s tough to stand out. Now, you’d think it would be easy to rise above the half-chimps and the mad hordes cranking out blog posts with nine […]

How to Respond When You’re Asked for Free Freelance Writing Samples

Here’s a fun little scenario for you: A new prospect reaches out to you, asking about your services. They’re really into you. They love your work. They think you’re so super hilarious and aren’t we perfect for each other!!! … but they just want to make sure. If you could just do them a teeny […]

Why Feedback from Your Peers May Not Be as Helpful as You Think

Feedback is a natural thing to crave, especially as a creative. See, creating is an inherently dicey occupation. Not that “dicey” should discourage you from creating; far from it. I think dicey-ness adds a nice spice to life, actually. Zip-lining, paragliding, introducing your boyfriend to your inebriate relatives … these are great ways to get […]

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