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How to Dress Up Your Email Newsletter with Hellos and Goodbyes

“What?” you say. “Dress up your email newsletter? Is that, like, a thing?” Yes! It’s my FAVORITE thing! This is absolutely my best tip for writing newsletters (*takes bow*), and it’s sooooo easy. It’s simply this: Ditch the snooze-worthy “hi” and “goodbye” from your newsletter.

How to Create a No-Fail Blogging Routine

What would you pay for a no-fail blogging routine? Personally, I would give my firstborn, a gallon of ice cream and a Firebolt if could actually settle into a blogging routine that worked for me. Because chances are, you feel me when I say, that shit is aaaaaalllllll over the map sometimes. Amiright? Well, at […]

How to Move People from Social Media to Your Blog

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something about social media that you don’t? Like, that they all received some secret kabbalistic teaching and you just … weren’t there that day? A lot of bloggers and writers aren’t sure how to leverage social media, because the brevity of social content seems to clash with the […]

How to Draw Writing Inspiration from Your Reading

You read a book. It’s the shiz. You wish you could be that author. You know you can’t, but you want to at least use some of that inspiration you feel rising up inside you to improve your own writing. Yet your attempts seem to fall flat. No matter how hard you try, you feel like […]

How to Make the Best Use of Your Email List

Much like the latest kitchen gadget you bought on Amazon, email lists often feel confusing, overwhelming or just plain useless. Whether big or small, email lists cause a lot of head-scratching and insecurity for entrepreneurs of all types. But you have to use them. Have to. Why? Because business owners sell products and services from […]

Easy Tips to Help You Bump Up Your Blog’s SEO

We like to pretend that blogging SEO doesn’t matter all that much. I mean, #nerds, amiright?? But the truth is, search engine optimization does matter, still and forever. If you haven’t given this much thought, then think about it: tailoring your posts to gain as much visibility in search engines as possible is critical. How […]

How to Get More Blog Readers Instantly with Metadata

Today we’re talking metadata! Yes, those thingies you can put in your image field and at the bottom of your blog post! The super-nerdy stuff that makes your blogs SHINE! And we are EXCITED about it! Let’s Start with Alt Tags Crash course: The point of alt tags is to clue your audience in to […]

You Need an Editor: Stop Whining and Accept It

This will be a short little post, since there’s really not much to say. In short, all I want to say is this: You are not your own freaking editor. Pound that into your brain. You need an editor. Do not edit your own work. Seriously. Do not do it.

Make a Positive Impression Online: How to Handle Content That Reflects Badly On You

The digital world is a challenging place to be, make no mistake and an even tougher place to make a positive impression online. This is even more true as a writer because we are forced to put ourselves out there, day in and day out. Sometimes, the steps we take to gain wider recognition or […]

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