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How to Go Above and Beyond and Get Lifelong Clients

It’s not enough to get clients.  I mean, it is. It’s awesome. I love my clients – mostly, anyway. And those I don’t love don’t stay clients for long. Thing is, though, it gets exhausting if you have nothing but turnover. Even a client who pays a lot for a project still requires lots of […]

Sure Tells the Writing Life is for You

The writing life is a hard one, especially when you’re first getting started. Like, hard hard. If you’re reading this post, then I don’t need to tell you that. You already know all about the disillusionment, frustrated determination, long hours, nighttime projects when you’d rather watch Netflix, and so on. The good news? It’s such […]

How to Find Blogging Ideas That Get You Noticed

You, like me, probably struggle to find blogging ideas sometimes. If you’re a book reviewer, you probably want to cover something other than a book review once in a while. If you’re a blogger writing about writing, well, it’s not always interesting to write about writing now is it?? So today, I’m here with a […]

How to Set Yourself Up to Find Your First Paying Copywriting Clients

Figuring out how to find your first copywriting clients is not an easy task, I willingly admit that. It will take some trial and error, not to mention some significant hustle, to Do The Thing. But that’s okay, because life is long, and you’ve got time to spend and hustle to give, I’m betting. Elsewise […]

How to Work While You Travel: A Beginner’s Guide to Location Independence

One of the best things about being a digital nomad is that you can work while you travel. One of the worst things about being a digital nomad is that you can work while you travel. Yeah. It’s like that. While it’s lovely to move to foreign countries, work from a beautiful bed in a […]

How to Make Your To-Do List Work Better for You

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your to-do list you could scream? Yes. I’ll just say it for you, the answer is yes. Now a more important question: Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how the hell your to-do list got that way? If you’re like me, chances are YOU are the one […]

How to Develop Badass Themes in Copywriting

  If your response to this title was something along the lines of “Themes in copywriting? I think NOT!” … then I don’t blame you. When we hear the word “theme,” we think of 8th grade English, and no wonder, because Mrs. Hermes just would not shut up about it. Would. Not. So I, and […]

How to Outline and Repurpose Content Like a Boss

Interested in how to outline and repurpose content, huh? Pretty boring if you’re not careful. Yet knowing how to outline and repurpose content is one of the most valuable skills to which any writer has access. Why is outlining so great? Because it lets you collect all your ideas, resources and notes in one place, […]

How to Use Expert Microblogging Tips for Social Media Success

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something about social media that you don’t? Like, that they all received secret kabbalistic teaching and expert microblogging tips and you just … weren’t there that day? A lot of bloggers and writers aren’t sure how to leverage social media, because the brevity of social content seems to […]

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