How to Outline and Repurpose Content Like a Boss

How to Outline and Repurpose Content Like a Boss | Online Entrepreneurship | Blogging Tips | Content Marketing

Interested in how to outline and repurpose content, huh?

Pretty boring if you’re not careful. Yet knowing how to outline and repurpose content is one of the most valuable skills to which any writer has access.

Why is outlining so great? Because it lets you collect all your ideas, resources and notes in one place, then mix and match as you will.

When I start a blog post or assignment, I routinely pull together links, snippets and sentences, client instructions (if applicable) and other materials before I start.

I then:

  • Sort the material into a logical flow
  • Add headings and subheadings
  • Write the content
  • Edit it
  • Add in any necessary SEO data

Then set the content aside to revisit in a day or two with fresh eyes.

Once you post this content/email it out/put it up in your free resource library (you can get access to mine here, by the way), you’re still not done.

Time to repurpose, my fair writerly friend!

Why You Should Repurpose Content Like a Boss

One of the best ways to come up with ideas is to use the ones you already have.

Repurposing content is one of those things that feels like cheating but actually isn’t.

See, as long as you’re giving value, you’re doing your job. And repurposing content is nothing more than that: making sure you give as much value as possible.

A lot of people think, Yeah, but I already told them that! Who wants to listen to the same thing twice?

Well, first of all, if “the same thing” is a Harry Potter audiobook, then me.

Second of all, it’s time to face a tough truth: Your readers almost never read all of the content you produce. In fact, if you email them an idea one week, then post that same idea in the form of a blog two weeks later, they probably won’t see both.

So really, you’re doing them a favor and ensuring they have the best chance of seeing it.

Which is a kind thing to do.

Next time you’re stuck for content? Repurpose without shame. Your readers will thank you.

Want a more in-depth look at this topic? I talk about some of my favorite ideas in Overnight Direct Marketing. Go check it out to learn more and start making your writing pay!

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