How to Use Expert Microblogging Tips for Social Media Success

How to Use Expert Microblogging Tips for Social Media Success | Content Marketing | Online Entrepreneurship | Social Media Strategy | Instagram Tips

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something about social media that you don’t? Like, that they all received secret kabbalistic teaching and expert microblogging tips and you just … weren’t there that day?

A lot of bloggers and writers aren’t sure how to leverage social media, because the brevity of social content seems to clash with the perceived long-form-ness of copywriting.

And yes. Long-form-ness is obviously a word.

Make no mistake, though: The words you use to convey your messages via social media are absolutely a form of copy. That’s why so many people can charge for them, eh?

If you want to use them to best effect – or charge for them yourself – then this is your lesson for today:

Writing good social captions is a form of copywriting.

Accept it, because only once you do will you accept the need for practice, as well as the tremendous power that accrues to those who understand how to Do The Thing right.

How to Use Your Social Captions as Mini-Blogs: Follow These Expert Microblogging Tips

We’re talking about how to use your social media captions as micro-blogs.

Because you can. And you should. Not only does this draw people in from native search, it also makes your posts much more engaging in platform.

The basic technique is pretty similar to “real” blogging, e.g. you should:

  • Use keywords
  • Break up content (with bullets or emoji dividers rather than subheadings)
  • Have a natural beginning, middle, and end – just like 7th-grade essays! Yay!

See? Not so hard.

Mini Assignment: For your next social post, follow these expert microblogging tips and write at least four paragraphs. Choose a focus keyword (think “book review” or “Michael Crichton’s later work”) and use it several times. Break up your visual text in the manner of your choosing. Open with a fun beginning and close the mini-blog naturally.

Give it a try!

How to Draw Writing Inspiration from Social Accounts

I’m here with a quick tip for getting better at captions. And that is so blindingly obvious you might just have missed it:

Save your favorite social posts.

Yep. It’s a thing.

On Instagram, it’s the little flag in the lower right corner of every post. On Twitter, you “bookmark” tweets. On Facebook, there’s a Save button on the bottom right.

Next time you see a social caption that piques your interest, and that you’d like to model your approach after, make sure to SAVE!

Of course, this step only works if you do a weekly review of content you like, so see that you do.

Any other questions? Feel free to email me today, or click that pretty button below for instant access to the free email course, which will help you write better, express your ideas more clearly and build an audience today.

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