How to Make the Best Use of Your Email List

How to Make the Best Use of Your Email List

Much like the latest kitchen gadget you bought on Amazon, email lists often feel confusing, overwhelming or just plain useless.

Whether big or small, email lists cause a lot of head-scratching and insecurity for entrepreneurs of all types.

But you have to use them. Have to. Why?

Because business owners sell products and services from email.

I’ll say it again: Business owners sell products and services from email.

That Means You Need to Make the Best Use of Your Email List

If you’re not yet putting effort into your mailing list, start now.

Even if only 30 people are reading it, and half of them are the other teachers at your school, whatever. At the very least you’re practicing the craft of sharing your story, and that’s worth more than you know.

It’s the best tool you have, you control it utterly, and it will bring you directly to your potential clients and customers.

But first, you have to answer a critical question: What does your audience want?

Here’s an Easy Way to Figure Out What Your Audience Wants

Ever feel like you’re missing something so completely and blindingly obvious, and you don’t know what it is?

This is one of those times.

See, knowing what your audience wants is one of the most critical aspects of marketing success, but it’s confusing to figure it out. I’ve been there. Often I’m still there.

Too often, we think we know what our readers want, but all we really know is what we want them to want.

Suffice it to say, that’s not the same thing.

Sure, you should do marketing research. You should craft buyer personas and customer profiles. You should go to conferences. Whatever it is you already do/want to do, go ahead.

But I bet you’re forgetting one thing.

I bet you’re forgetting to ask.

So here’s your homework for today: Ask your audience what they want.

Maybe that’s on social media. Maybe it’s in a newsletter. Possibly in a blog post. Doesn’t matter; just ask.

If you get one response? That’s fine. Take that person’s input seriously, because as of right now, they are your ideal reader. They actually responded! Let that voice guide you, and slowly but surely, you’ll build up an audience that really and truly cares what you have to say

Now, What the Hell Do You Send Them?

So here’s a question I get a lot: “What the hell do I send to my email list?”

Excellent query, my dear reader. And the answer is pretty simple: As much as it takes to answer a question.

That’s it. Long, short, whatever it takes.

But here’s a little pro trick: Only send them enough info to be useful.

Why? Not because you’re stingy; in fact, I believe in giving away as much information as you can without bankrupting yourself.

The issue is, rather, that people only have so much brain-space in their inbox-space. If you keep on prattling, they’ll leave. So if you have the answer to a question you know is burning in their little reader hearts, ask it upfront – and then answer it. Then call it good.

If you want to learn more about better email newsletters, sign up for the premium content today. You can do that here or click the pretty image below. Whatever you do, get going! Your list is waiting.

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