How to Get More Blog Readers Instantly with Metadata

Get More Blog Readers with Metadata | SEO for blogging made easy. Here's how to get more visitors to your site, organically

Today we’re talking metadata! Yes, those thingies you can put in your image field and at the bottom of your blog post! The super-nerdy stuff that makes your blogs SHINE!

And we are EXCITED about it!

Let’s Start with Alt Tags

Crash course: The point of alt tags is to clue your audience in to what a photo is supposed to be, should that photo fail to load.

Most people write “sad gorilla” for their alt tag and leave it at that.

No, no, no.

Not only do you lose a branding opportunity, but this doesn’t tell your audience why the hell you’re using a sad gorilla photo in a post about cooking gumbo (for … instance).

Instead, here’s your quick and dirty alt tag recipe:

Title of Post | Here’s what’s happening in this post.

In real life this translates to:

The Truth About Epic Copywriting in 2018 | Getting your copywriting business noticed is about as easy as saving the gorillas, but with the right approach, we can do both.

I’m not saying that’s a great alt tag, and you better make sure it includes the keyword for your post, but that gives you the skinny.

Never have a crummy alt tag again!

Now, The Only Metadata Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

Before we address this topic, which is often perceived as icky, let’s just do a brief gratitude check-in.

So, how’s your day going? Well, I hope? Filled with ice cream and/or donuts, hopefully?

Maybe some unicorns?

Okay, awesome. You’re killing it.

Anyway, now that you feel all cozy, let’s address The Scary Monster of Metadata.

Spoiler alert: It’s not scary at all.

Seriously, this is THE EASIEST TRICK for pumping up your SEO while doing basically nothing extra. And that trick is:


It’s simply the shit. All you have to do is plug it in (literally; it’s a plugin), then input your SEO information. It will instantly tell you what you’re getting right … and what you’re getting wrong. Then you can fix it in a jiffy. Boom. Instant SEO.

If you haven’t installed it on your WordPress site yet, go do so now. It’s free. It’s awesome. You have no reason or excuse not to. (If you use another blogging platform, you’ll have to ask them for the best approach.)

Let me know how it turns out. And as always, email me back with any questions or comments, love poems or hate mail. I want to hear it all.

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