3 Steps To Take When You Lose Faith in Your Business

3 Steps to Take When You Lose Faith in Your Business

We all lose faith from time to time.

In our friends, our partners, our children, ourselves. In our governments and institutions, our spiritual figures or powers, our bodies.

And we especially lose faith in our jobs and businesses.

Not on the Docket Today: Losing Faith in My Business

I wasn’t planning to write about this when I got up today. I was planning to blog about self-publishing, in between killin’ it with the client work and talking to a few new prospects. It was supposed to be a good day.

But then I woke up to a revision request from a client that wasn’t just hard or rude, it was impossible. And my computer started overheating – after majorly going on the fritz on Sunday. I haven’t had much time for my hobbies, which makes me feel a little bit less like me, and the work isn’t exactly flooding in right now.

Microsoft Word broke down and started eating the other applications on my computer. I saw the White Screen of Death (a slightly modified Blue Screen of Death), and nearly died myself. Now I have to use a crappy second-tier word processor so my computer doesn’t explode. Which would be bad, since I live in a country without an Apple store. (I’ll give you a few seconds to let that truth sink in.)

I spilled my coffee everywhere. Five. Separate. Times.

I’ve eaten too many Cheetos. And yet, mysteriously, not enough Cheetos.

Plus … it’s that time of the month.

Really, I just want to crawl back into bed or into the hammock and cry. I can’t, though, because I have deadlines and a family to support and dreams.

In a nutshell? Today sucks.

Why You Might Lose Faith in Your Businesses

I know you’ve been there. Sometimes, in fact, it seems like life is one long “there.”

It’s easy to take for granted the awesome aspects of life and focus on what we still wish we had.

This is especially true with self-employment and side hustles. The thrill just fades sometimes. Even if you have the freedom and the money you want (or does any entrepreneur ever actually hit pure contentment, or are we always striving for more?), it’s sometimes difficult to adjust to the rigors of everyday life.

You find yourself asking … why? Why do I do it all? Wouldn’t I be just as happy getting a simple job at a ___________ doing __________, and not bothering with all the hassle and stress of constantly putting myself out there?

Well, maybe you would. I couldn’t say.

I can say that even the people with the best jobs in the world sometimes lose faith. I know people who:

  • Published a book only to realize that, while they sometimes love the attention, they also have crippling agoraphobia
  • Finally made the switch to full-time self-employment, only to realize they actually like working for someone else
  • Start a successful Etsy business, only to realize that their customers like exactly three items that the shop owner now has to make again and again every day

The point isn’t that working for yourself in a part- or full-time capacity stinks because it doesn’t. The point is – the reality is – sometimes you’ll lose faith, and it’s tempting when that happens to throw in the towel.

Or the entire linen closet.

Don’t. Here are three steps to take instead.

1. Ask Your Past Self

If you think back to two, three or five years ago, what would you have thought about your life today?

My past self would have been over the moon about where I’m at today. I can currently afford to:

  • Work full time for myself … writing
  • Take time off whenever I want
  • Live in a foreign country
  • Send my children to an international school
  • Read oodles of books
  • Engage in my hobbies
  • Work with some of the coolest people in the world
  • Hire a VA
  • Travel
  • Eat out a few times a month
  • Spend an hour every evening cooking for my family

… and more. If you start to lose faith in your business, look to the past. Compare your success to yesterday’s dreams, not today’s, and judge your forward progress accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll never find contentment.

2. Keep Working

Some days, I have a little jolt of discomfort, anxiety, depression or generalized negativity every time I start a task.


Every time I open a document for a new assignment, pick up the phone to talk to a client or send out another email for my latest article on spec, I feel a tiny bit sad/mad/hopeless/over it. Or a lot sad/mad/hopeless/over it. Every. Single. Time. For. 10. Hours.

You know what? Doesn’t matter. The thing about feelings is you actually can work while simultaneously experiencing them. I’m doing it right now! Do I want to be writing this depressing blog post about how depressing today has been? No! But once I’m done, I have another piece of content for my blog … and the ever-so-slight feeling of assurance that I’ve helped someone.

(Whether anyone will stick around to read more from Eeyore Me remains to be seen. But hey, I show up.)

Once you practice, you’ll be surprised how effectively you can keep on truckin’ even when your emotional core feels as though it’s about to shatter like the Fortress of Solitude in a mega ‘quake.

3. Keep Doing What You Love

Whether you currently run your own biz full-time, have a solid side hustle going or are just now considering that new step forward, it’s important not to quit even when you lose faith.

Which you will. Often. Probably this Saturday. Maybe sooner. Definitely on Monday morning.

When you miss out on a gig you wanted, get a bad review, don’t get paid on time (or at all) or can’t quite get unstuck emotionally, keep doing it. Remind yourself that, at the end of the day, you’re not on Etsy to please the world. You don’t write to make that one client happy.

You do it for you.

You have faith for you.

Moreover, it’s normal to lose faith in your business. It happens to the best of them because the human brain is an effed-up and frequently unsatisfied place. It’s cool. Ride it out. Keep trying.

And if your problem is writing in particular, let me help. I offer coaching and courses (check above), as well as a whole library full of free resources to get you started on a writing career today (check below). I’m here for you.

Eating too many Cheetos, but nevertheless, I’m here. 😉

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