How Copywriting Personality Affects Your Brand

How Copywriting Personality Affects Your Brand

So you want to be a copywriter, but you find yourself saying:

“Oh, I don’t have the right copywriting personality to [fill in the blank]. I could never build a brand around my weaksauce personality.”

First of all, don’t sell yourself short. You’re not weaksauce. At most, your personality is lame.


Second of all, this misconception is rarely (or never) true. At least, not in this case. Yes, there are some professions where it matters a lot. If you want to be a stand-up comedienne, you have to be funny. I mean, get real. And if you want to be the president, you have to be serious. Because things like public welfare and nuclear proliferation matter.

Kind of a lot, actually.

But copywriting? Uh-uh. You don’t have to have some specific copywriting personality; you just have to match the personality of your prospective client. Period. That’s it.

Of course, that means you can’t serve everyone. You can only serve the people who want what you have to offer … a distinct voice that resonates with them and their audience.

With that said, here are a few facts to guide you toward a seamless copywriting personality that will bring in clients, provide direction to your business and keep you ladybossin’ (or manbossin’) it for years.

1. People Respond to Uniqueness

Did this subhead inspire a brief eye roll? A giant duh you could barely keep to yourself?

Keep laughing. This is the most salient point when it comes to crafting a copywriting personality that builds your brand and ensures booming business. If you’ve got a standout personality that resonates with people, they’ll come back again and again.

And guess what? Someone likes your approach. No matter what, someone thinks you stand out. You are perfect for someone.

Maybe you’re serious. Perhaps you’re hilarious. Possibly you’re warm and comforting, with just a touch of the woo woo. (If so, I love you, btw.) Could be you just swear like a sailor, while making really piercing satirical observations. Good on you.

Point is, write your preexisting personality. Don’t try to change it. Hone it? Yes. Get better at your unique brand? Yes. But be you.

2. Consistency in Copywriting Personality Matters

Be you, and be consistent. Otherwise, you look schizophrenic.

I’m happy! I’m sad! The world is going to shit! I’m highly academic! I make Margaret Cho-style observations about sex! Also, I’m super funny! No wait, compassionate!

… you cannot be all of these things. You can be some of these things sometimes, as long as you don’t go too far off base. But keep it streamlined and simple. Don’t stray. You’ll go much farther this way.

3. You Should Adjust Your Personality to Fit Circumstances

There are, however, some cases in which you should adjust your personality. So for instance, I’m a bit out there. I like asides and gallows humor. Some find me a little … um … hard to take. But most of my clients love it, because it’s who they are too, and it’s how they want to sound to their audiences.

Nevertheless, irreverence isn’t always appropriate. That doesn’t mean I can’t use humor with serious topics, because I do. Sometimes, in fact, it’s the best way to get a point across. But I do it right, I don’t take it too far, and I begin and end the piece with careful attention to the topic at hand.

If you adjust your personality to fit a specific piece, make sure you still honor your own brand.

How Can the Free Resource Library Help You Hone Your Personality?

I’m all about finding your exact personality and workflow. That’s why in the Free Resource Library, you’ll find guides such as:

  • How and Why Every Copywriter Should Establish Niche Industries
  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Finding Your Voice
  • 10 Ways to Write Funnier Content … Like, NOW
  • My Complete System for Outlining Smart + Writing Awesome Copy Every Single Day

For me, personality is all about humor, quirkiness and a splash of irreverence. (Okay, sometimes more than a splash.)

For you, it might be something different, and that’s totally okay. My advice? Dig in. See what works. Experiment. Dedicate time to the pursuit. Don’t wait.

Get free access by clicking the box below. Boom: Clearance acquired. Mucho personality on the way. Your copywriting dreams realized. (Almost. Soon. Get going. Off with you!)

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