Freelance Writing Jobs to Avoid

Freelance Writing Jobs to Avoid

As a new freelancer, you’re most likely thinking about freelance writing jobs to get, not freelance writing jobs to avoid.

Well, first of all, good for you. You’ve got hustle.

Second of all, you need to rethink your approach.

If all you have is a get, get, get mentality, then you’ll quickly find yourself doing a bunch of work you don’t want to do … and not being properly paid for it. I want to save you from that. To which end, I’ve provided a list below of the freelance writing jobs you should avoid unless you’re absolutely sure you want them.  

Freelance Writing Jobs to Avoid 101

This isn’t a complete list, but here are some of the most important freelance writing jobs to avoid if you want to build a career you’re proud of and enjoy:

  1. Jobs that involve writing directly against your own beliefs. For instance, I never write about gun rights, period. I just won’t do it, no matter how much someone pays. What’s your line? Know it; don’t cross it.
  2. Social media posts. At most, I include one or two as part of a larger package of blog posts, email newsletters, articles, what have you. I never do them on their own, because I don’t like them and I don’t feel a per-word model compensates me properly.
  3. Jobs that bash other people.
  4. Jobs that pay far below market value or, if you are higher than market value, far below your worth.
  5. Jobs that aren’t actually related to writing. This include photography, designing, PR, etc.
  6. Someone else’s professional development or schoolwork. I made this mistake for about two months, and I’ll tell you this: It’s both soulless and pays shit. For God’s sake, don’t contribute to a professional’s lack of expertise by doing their work for them.

Be Certain You Want a Job Before You Take It

As I said before, if you’re absolutely sure you like a certain kind of work and want to offer it as a service, more power to you. Throw it up there on ye olde website and do your thing.

But if you haven’t considered it carefully and are just doing it because you figure you “should,” don’t. I know it’s not easy to turn down work of any kind, even once your pipeline is full, let alone when it isn’t – but it’s important to stick to what you know.

Otherwise, you risk running after jobs that you don’t like, diluting your expertise and wasting time you could be spending drumming up clients for work you do love.

No Bueno.

Keep this list of freelance writing jobs to avoid in mind next time you get a request, and you’ll make smarter decisions and build a much stronger business over time.

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