Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part V: Know When NOT to Ignore the Stats

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What? Huh? WHAT?! But Sarah, you – you said … *hyperventilates*

Calm down.

This is a short post, but it’s important.

Honestly, if I told you marketing statistics have no meaning whatsoever, would you really believe me? They do, of course. You just have to be selective.

Because you have a real life to live. You’re busy. There are toilet seats to clean and Netflix Originals to watch and organic dog treats to buy. And if you spend every last second trolling for marketing statistics and formulas, your business will go under faster than a Jaguar Person runs away from your crappy copy.

The truth is, statistics are far from useless. And if you come across one that seems meaningful, you should use it.

Before we talk about that, though, let’s get you caught up on the series. So far, we’ve covered:

Hop on over and familiarize yourself with these posts if you haven’t already. Done? Okay, then. Now grab some cake and settle in.

Because if you’re going to read about marketing statistics, you at least need some cake.

Marketing Statistics That Matter

Embedding video on landing pages, for instance, can increase conversion by anywhere from 30 to 86 percent.

So cool. Do that.

There are definitely headline formulas that work better than others, so try them out.

Do a little research, and you’ll find more to counter my point that statistics don’t matter. My advice: Use absolutely anything and everything that works for you.

And if you find something that totally rocks your world, by all mean throw it up in the ol’ bookmarks bar and use it again and again.

But … Most Marketing Statistics DON’T Matter

So mostly, you can just shake those statistics off.

Because statistics aren’t you … and when it comes to one to one marketing, you is all people really care about.

Today, I enjoy a lot of awesome feedback from my clients and their audiences. Mostly they’re on a variation of the following theme:

I actually want to read this!


For once I didn’t send an email to my trashcan!

Ditching statistics has led to more than feel-good comments, too. I’ve now doubled my business, begun coaching and hired three people in the last year. All because I finally stopped caring about what doesn’t matter (almost everything), and started paying attention to what does: good copy.

You should too. Because seriously, while stats matter to the big dogs, they don’t to the vast majority of businesses. So stop worrying about them, and just start creating.

And tell the birds to buzzard off. (See what I did there?)

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