Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part III: Employ Approachable Writing Instead

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In this series, we’re talking about why you should ignore one to one marketing statistics, specifically getting clear on whether one to one marketing stats actually matter, before we take a look at the role of approachability in your copywriting biz. If you missed these first two posts, feel free to jump over and read them now.

Caught up? Got your tea? Pick up that scone you like? Go pee? Good. Now sit down and read, because it’s time to learn about approachable writing.

Remember that six to eight touches thing we talked about in the last post? Yeah, that matters.

Lots of online sources will claim that “no one” reads word-for-word; readers scan copy, and that’s that.

But the “Humans Are Mindless Predators” people are wrong. According to Nielsen, in fact, 16 percent of readers actually DO read every word. I know I do, when I really love someone’s voice, work and products. And guess what? I buy their shiz.

I like ‘em, I pay ‘em. Simple as that. Stats need not apply.

However, that makes your tone, accessibility and apparent expertise that much more important. In other words, approachable writing is key.

Approachable Writing Is the Secret to One to One Marketing

In one to one marketing, it’s just you talking to them. If you come off as a telemarketer, a used car salesman or a needy boyfriend, your goose is cooked.

You have to be a friend. Like, a real one.

We all know those people who start chatting us up in line at the grocery store, the ones who don’t seem to care that we’re already reading Scientific American and have in no way invited their commentary on the Milky Way we’re buying for dinner.

Safe bet: Those people do not have many friends.

Just as you do not want to hear their ideas – courtesy of your non-friendship – your readers don’t want to hear your sales pitches until they actually care about you. And you’re not going to accomplish that with statistics/formulas/facts/blueprints/recipes/rules.

Approachable writing is the only answer.

Don’t believe me? Try Googling “statistics about people liking me.” It’s kind of a shitshow (with a top winner being The Atlantic’s über-baffling “Who’s Afraid of a Cluster of Holes? 16 Percent of People”). My point? It’s impossible to quantify affection or trust.

Enter story. It’s important. The MOST important.

Because content is no longer king; connection is.

Approachable Writing = Connection

Story is why my writing biz is successful, and story is what qualifies each and every blog, email newsletter and Twitter feed as worthy of my consumption. I want to be entertained, understood, sympathized with and cheered up. I want to laugh.

Occasionally, I even want to cry. (But only if it’s really, really worth it. I already have a family and an impressive arsenal of insecurities, after all.)

At risk of sounding like a robot, I just want to feel something when you talk to me.

Your job is to make sure that happens, and amusing, captivating, moving, approachable writing is the only way to accomplish it. (Need I say it again?)

So stop trolling through endless lists of “email spam trigger words.” I mean sure, you should say no to this:

Medical Spam Words

And this:

Commerce Spam Words

And especially this:

Personal Spam Words

I mean, come on. If you’re using the phrase “dig up dirt on friends,” you shouldn’t be in business anyway. Because you’re the worst.

(Side note: Score with babes? Seriously, people? That even needed to be on the list?)

But do you really need to spend your precious minutes reading through these lists? Don’t you know most of this already? And are you really not allowed to use words like “freedom,” “form” or “stop snoring”? I mean, I can see using all of those in the service of a good story.

And what is a newsletter, landing page or ad but one long story? The good ones are nothing more than epic (and entertaining) sagas about the path from Disappointing Point A to Glorious Point B.

Treat your copy that way, by just being real.

Stop using power words. Because OMG. Audiences hate being all powered on, and they can totes tell. Just be real, peeps.

Stop worrying about word count or length. Long and glorious? Short and sweet? 20 lines, no more, no less? Just … write. Jesus wasn’t analyzing word count during his sermons, and people still read what he wrote.

They seem to really, really like him, too.

Ditch the tired “Hi {Firstname}!” and greet someone as if they matter. Ain’t nothing wrong with a bonjour or a ‘sup. Just tell a story, as though you’re a person and they’re a person and the fiber-optic cables between you are a campfire. Make an inappropriate joke about llamas, for pity’s sake.

You’ll get further.

Approachable Writing Isn’t That Hard

The truth is, if you just write like a friend talking to another friend, it works. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect grammatically, you can suck at spelling, you don’t have to edit your work that carefully. This dude made a ginormous career on not editing his newsletters before they went out, because guess what? People like a “real” voice.

So don’t freak out about being perfect or following those statistics. Instead, worry about being real. About being you.

And stay tuned. The last two posts in the series will cover:

I want you there for them! This is good stuff, peeps. You need it.

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