Ignore One to One Marketing Statistics Part I: How I Stopped Writing Crappy Copy and Started Converting with One Simple Decision

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Ahhhhhhhhhh, marketing.

That thing you know you need to do.

The thing that seems impossible, that makes you curl up into a teeny ball of insecurity every time you confront the task, that makes you feel as though giant birds are pecking at the door to your mind, squawking do it do it do it do it do it do it … but you don’t know how.

Hitchcock has nothing on your business development hour, I’m betting.

But emailing? Writing copy? Placing strong ads?

They’re super-duper crucial. One to one marketing is the bread and butter of businesses, from teeny to goliath. If you can talk to them in a way that reaches them, you’re headed in the right direction. Towards sales and money and yachts.

Okay, maybe not yachts.

And if you’re not creating in high-quality, entertaining emails, blog posts, landing pages, web copy, ads and more, you’re not succeeding.

So … just how does one Do The Thing?

Good question. With depressingly few good answers.

Do One to One Marketing Statistics Really Matter?

See, the internet is awash in one to one marketing statistics about how to write … well, right. Do a brief Google search about how to craft emails and you’ll turn up boring tripe such as “Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end!” or confusing-as-hell advice about click-throughs and open rates and mlah mlah mlah. Check out landing pages, and you’re served mind-boggling statistics about conversion.

And ads?

Oh, my, no.

Don’t even think about ads, because unless you can somehow steal Albert Einstein’s plasticized brain from Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum and cobble it all back together, your fate is sealed.

So why do we spend so much time online desperately trying to glean meaning from posts about, say, churn rate? Does this even mean anything to the average bear?

That’s not to say such posts don’t matter. I mean, they do. Just not to today’s average, er, emailer, for lack of a better term.

One to One Marketing Statistics: Not for Small Businesses and Copywriters

Small businesses simply don’t have the tools to make effective use of one to one marketing statistics. To succeed, they need to send emails that convert without A/B testing or analyzing headlines until they die.

Because the facts are clear: most businesses are small, have no employees, and are based out of a living room or a refurbed shed. They don’t have the marketing departments necessary to leverage statistics. Depressingly, more businesses shut down every month than start up. Millions of entrepreneurs are choking on failure because they can’t figure out this most basic strategy: building an audience.

And in this humble (but successful, but humble) copywriter’s opinion, it’s because we’re drunk on these stupid one to one marketing statistics … and we haven’t eaten anything real in days.

So want to ditch those shitty emails (not to mention the ulcers) and find success? Great.

Start ignoring stats. Immediately.

In this series, we’re going to talk about the role of statistics in one to one marketing – just you, selling to them. What does the mountain of data on the interwebz actually mean to you, the teeny business owner or new writer looking for work? Should you really be listening to this advice, or is there another way?

Spoiler alert: There’s another way.

We will examine:

So if you want to get started, go ahead and click any of those links and let’s dive on in.

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