A Foolproof Recipe for Crafting Listicle Articles

A Foolproof Recipe for Crafting Listicle Articles

Listicles are all the rage. Not only are they a fantastic way to engage readers with numbers, and they lend themselves to endlessly creative copywriting.

For those who haven’t done one yet, though, the prospect might feel a little daunting. Just how do you ensure that posts are fun and readable, yet actually packed with good information? How much does format matter? What elements should be included, and what should NOT?

All great questions … with simple answers.

Your Foolproof Listicle Recipe

In fact, so simple that you can learn everything you need in one teeny graphic.

Yes, that one. That one down there. Like … right down there. Don’t see it?

You must not be trying hard enough.

Oh, you found it! Okay, see what you think.

A Simple Recipe For ListicleS

See? Doesn’t that just make things so much simpler?

Now, don’t wait. Instead of filing this away and telling yourself you’ll maybe do something with it later, go write a practice post now. And then post it! You’ll like what you see, and be proud of the new skill you’ve accomplished.

And if you aren’t … I’m proud for you.

Beyond the Listicle Recipe

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