Copywrite Matters Guest Post: Quoting Projects When Using Subcontractors

Copywrite Matters- Using a Subcontractor

So you’re a copywriter, or hoping to become one soon. Kudos to you. It’s an awesome career choice, my friend. Let’s get French fries sometime and raise a toast to how amazing we are.

So. Amazing.

For the time being, though, let’s consider a more challenging topic: Subcontractors.

Have you ever wondered if using a subcontractor is right for you? Is it really better than writing your own material? Is it really the “easy money” you’d like to believe it is?

If you guessed I have thoughts about this, you’re correct. These thoughts can be found over on Copywriter Matters, where the fabulous Belinda Weaver was kind enough to humor me in my musings:

The complete guide to profitable copywriting quotes (when you’re using a subcontractor)

Head over to learn more, and begin building an even smarter business today!

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