20 Ideas for Resources for Your Free Copywriting Library

20 Ideas for Resources for Your Free Copywriting Library

Free resource libraries are an increasingly popular way to draw people to your copywriting blog. Simple downloads aren’t really cutting it anymore, which means one thing … you need to change your list-building strategy.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I head out into the wild and dangerous bush that today’s internetz represent, I’m always on the lookout.

I’m suspicious. I don’t want to be sold your bullshit. And thank you very much, but I will not be downloading your stupid, takes-me-all-evening-to-read ebook.

Even if it isn’t stupid, which I’m sure it’s not.

Why? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Case for the Free Copywriting Library

The main complaint against ebooks these days is that they’re long. Even the short ones are long, if they want to be able to call themselves ebooks anyway. Otherwise it’s just a download, and people think that’s even lamer.

Plain and simple, we’re all cramped for time, and we don’t want to sit down with a book we didn’t even choose. When we have time to read at all, we want to choose our own books.

What’s in vogue now?

Free resource libraries, a collection of short, easy-to-digest and actionable PDF files or other types of collateral, such as image packs or videos. The benefit of these is people can go at their own pace, and they can consume only the content that applies to them and their business. If you want to include your ebook here, great. But they don’t have to feel that same pressure, and a whole copywriting library is a lot more appealing.



Here’s an example of my own free resource library here (if you’re prompted for a password, that means you still need to sign up by clicking the Free Resources link in the navigation bar). Go ahead and check that out, then come back here. And now, it’s time to grabbed this idea for yourself and used it to build your own list. Here’s how.

Build Your Own Free Resource Library Today

First and foremost, before you can populate your library with amazing content, you need to create the basic template.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Essential Grid is an AMAZEBALLS plugin to help you create it, and my hero Melyssa Griffin has the world’s best tutorial on how to use it. I can’t compete, so head there to watch the video.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you will of course need to put content in your copywriting library.

And now to the real point of this post: If you haven’t created it yet, here are 20 ideas to help you out! Some are from my own free resource library, while others are just ideas I’ve had and would like to do one day – but for now will soothe myself by handing off to you.

Ur welcome, friendz.

Free Copywriting Library Ideas

Anyway, let’s get to it. Here’s the list:

  1. Swipe files of great copy
  2. Email templates
  3. Blog templates
  4. Ebook templates
  5. Ad copywriting guides
  6. Video minicourses
  7. Cheat sheets
  8. Quick blog hacks
  9. Editorial calendar templates
  10. Subject-specific guides (think: how to pick services, niche industries, etc.)
  11. Checklists
  12. Humor writing ideas (or other genre-specific ideas)
  13. Writing-related stock photography
  14. Social media calendars or tracking spreadsheets
  15. Financial guides
  16. A guide to finding the perfect voice
  17. Free products (such as printables)
  18. Different ways to say hello and goodbye in email
  19. Replacements for commonly used words or phrases, such as “said,” “click here” or “free”
  20. Writing prompts

Last but not least, your library should include a onesheet about your own business and how it can help people. That way, if they’re wondering where to head next, they know.

Note that while some of the above ideas relate specifically to writing, not all of them do. That’s okay; any copywriter needs to know how to do multiple things, like market their business, run their website and maintain a non-shitty social media presence.

As a writer – even if you’re new and only know a few basic things so far – you have writing- and non-writing-related information that can help them, so don’t hesitate to do so.

And that’s it! So don’t wait any longer … get your free resource library going today, and you’ll stand a much better chance bringing people in, cultivating leads and overall rocking your copywriting biz.

Need more awesome ideas? Well naturally you can always check out MY free resource library by clicking that big, shiny picture down below. Have atcha, you writer, you!

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