Creative Copywriting in Ten Easy Steps

Ten Easy Ways to Make Your Copywriting More Creative

Do you sometimes feel like your copywriting work is sucking the life out of your creativity?

You know, kinda like the dementors from Harry Potter?

Yes? Well, you’re not alone. I mean honestly, that’s the first thing I thought when I read Prisoner of Azkaban. Like, why are they doing that?? Don’t they know how it FEELS??

But enough about me. Today is a short post. So without further ado: ten great ways to infuse creativity back into your copywriting.

Ten Easy Steps for Creative Copywriting

Without further ado, here you go: your formula for creative copywriting!

  1. When possible, try using a great quote from a book or movie you love. Or just reference it to get your point across faster. (See what I did there?)
  2. Try writing the essay or article in your own voice first. See how the piece would come out if you were able to write it for yourself. Often we are confined by what the client wants, but mixing it up a little can really get the juices flowing. Then you can rewrite it minimally to match their tone.
  3. Go for a 5-minute walk while mulling the piece over in your head. Moving around can give you knew perspective. And not just the hot-barista-at-that-café-you-pass kind.
  4. Use anecdotal stories, even if they’re not yours. Yes, that’s right. I just told you to steal.
  5. Take notes in your everyday life. I swear by this. Every time I hear a good joke, story or thoughtful line, I jot it down to be used later when I’m feeling completely uninspired. I can haz funny … sometimez.
  6. Read a good fiction book for at least 10 minutes before working. Other’s creativity can often spark your own. Again, some minor stealing may be involved. MINOR! And not of the plagiarism kind.
  7. Write in a new location. This is a sure way to break out of a rut. Your eyes need new stimulation. Ideally you’re independently wealthy and can fly to Italy. But I go to Starbucks.
  8. Ad dialogue into your work whenever possible. Everyone loves reading dialogue. It can often help keep things moving, even in a nonfiction piece. Try it … you might love what you find.
  9. Listen to classical music when you work. I know, it’s an old piece of advice you’ve heard for years, but that’s because it works. Thank you, Mozart.
  10. Stop being so critical of yourself. Save that for the editing process. We often get too caught up in editing while we work and just end up editing our creativity right off the page. No Bueno.

“But Sarah!” you’re thinking. “I’m not sure this is ENOUGH copywriting awesomeness!”

First of all you know you loved that dialogue.

Second of all, gotcha covered. Check out the free resource library. You can opt in below. See? Down tharr. Cheers!

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