How to Make Writing Fun (Even When It Feels Like Work)

How to Make Writing Fun (Even When It Feels Like Work)

We’ve all had writing projects that felt soooo hard to get moving on or get finished. Regardless of the reason why, creating wasn’t fun. Instead it felt like work. And not the fun kind of work like sampling cheeses or writing a round-up of favorite cat memes.

No, my friend. Not like that at all.

Instead, it’s the kind of work that makes you want to procrastinate (and self-soothe) by making, and eating, ALL THE COOKIES.

But cookies or not, at the end of the day you have to get those projects done. And when you find a way to enjoy the process, you will ultimately create better work and move through it more easily.

Overall, that’s a good thing. Good for your client, good for you.

So just how does one turn “Terrible Horrible No-Good Thing I Super-Duper Don’t Want to Do” into “Meh, Fine I’ll Do It and Maybe Even Like It”?

Good question. Let’s dive in.


Recognize When Writing Feels Like Work

To do so, first off, name that when writing feels like work, there’s some resistance there. This is okay and part of the process. Resistance just means that when we move through it, we will become stronger for it, and we will be able to handle these situations going forward with more ease.

Plus, resistance requires that you to rely on your creative capacities, your inner Wonder Woman, to get things done. This is all good stuff.


Connect, Connect, Connect to Make Writing Fun

Secondly, to build connection and enjoyment with what you’re doing, find ways to connect to the topic, even if it’s out there for you. At the end of the day what you’re writing about does reflect on the human experience in some way.

So can you relate to the topic somehow, even if it requires a lot of mental contortions? What would pique your interest if you met someone at a dinner party talking about what you were having to create? Things take on a different meaning when we feel connected to what we need to write about, so wherever possible, forget that tie.

Another way to connect to content is just to have more fun. Working to become funnier, finding different ways to say hello or goodbye in your email newsletters, honing a voice that is uniquely and awesomely you … these are all fab ways to make your writing stand out while enjoying what you do more.

You can grab downloads related to each of these topics, and more, by signing up for access to the Free Resource Library below. You probably won’t regret it. And if you do, well, we all make mistakes. I forgive you.

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HasBro That Shiz

Another way to bring more joy to the practice is to make a game out of it. This helps you to connect to the project. It also helps bring more personal meaning to why you are doing it in the first place. Create friendly competition with yourself, connect to these goals and set forth. How? Well, the possibilities are endless.

For instance, identify writing goals that you have for your personal development. Maybe you want to be able to hit a certain amount of words per hour. Maybe you want have a regular writing practice each day. Or you hope to broaden your experience with the various topics you can write about. Set those goals and GO for it.

Or just go simple: how fast can you type? Make benchmarks and when you meet them have a CUPCAKE or whatever tickles your fancy. I’m obviously on a dessert kick right now, but you can do whatever you want. Just make sure it’s a cupcake – er, whatever you want. Looking forward to a treat, and getting there as fast as possible, is a great way to make writing fun.


Play Pretend

Pretend you’re an alter-ego needing to get this done. Embody the feeling of rocking it. When we embody something, or play pretend for a bit, this actually shifts how we produce. Try different things on and see what works for you.

At the end of the day, there are always going to be those projects that feel more like work than others. Know that you’ll end up stronger as a writer with each word you write, especially if it’s challenging. Find ways to keep the project fresh and enjoyable. Who knows? Maybe the project that held the most resistance for you will turn out to be one of your most enjoyable yet.

Or maybe you’ll continue to struggle, and that’s okay. If anyone told you this was an easy profession, they were lying, so don’t listen. It’s difficult, and it’s supposed to be, but with daily dedication it will get easier and easier. Stick with it, and make use of the awesome resources in the library, which you can sign up for below.


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