4 Ways to Make Time to Work on Your Own Writing (+ Bonus Tip)

4 Ways to Make Time to Work on Your Own Writing

Most of us got into writing because we wanted to write the next Harry Potter, Grapes of Wrath, or, fine … Twilight.

Don’t judge, y’all. That chick coughs up hundred dollar bills.

But it’s hard to find time to write what we are truly passionate about. If you work a day job, you may be so drained by the time you get home that you can’t figure out how to put pen to paper. Those of us who are lucky to write for a living often give everything we have to our clients … and have nothing left over for the writing that nurtures our souls.

But that’s a problem. Sarah don’t play dat.

So instead, find time.

Well, as I always say, it’s not about finding time, because you never will.

That time is lost, along with all your change and half your socks. Instead, you need to make time. Here are a few ways to do that:

1) Add Extra Blocks While Working on Client Projects

Tack on an extra half hour when you’re working on client work. I’m not suggesting that you charge your clients for the extra time, I’m just saying that when you give yourself a chunk of time to sit down and work on a project with no distractions, add on another half hour or so to do some free writing or work on your novel. I like to tack it onto the front of my work time. It gets me into the rhythm of writing so that I’m actually warmed up for my client’s work.

2) Write Instead of Reading

I know … that’s the last thing you want to hear. You love your reading time, and so do I. But if writing your own work is feeding your soul, then it’s worth the sacrifice.

3) Dedicate Daily Time to Writing

Why wouldn’t you? As a copywriter, you make dedicated time to do work for your clients, so you can also sit down and look at your schedule for times that you could dedicate to your personal writing. I know it doesn’t feel like there’s “enough” time, but you make it a priority for your clients, so shouldn’t you be a priority as well?

During this daily time, you should spend at least some of the time working with attention. Sure, the verbal vomit free write is a great way to improve your skills, but you should work on mastering specific elements as well. For instance, finding your voice, which is a crucial aspect of getting more copywriting clients. If you want the quick and dirty guide on honing a voice that’s completely you, you can get it in the Free Resource Library. Sign up below, you writin’ dynamo.
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4) Set Aside Lunch!

If you are someone who has a regular 9-5 job, learn to bring a notepad to work with you. Heat up your food and take it outside, then use that half hour or hour to write while you eat. It’s a decent chunk of time, five days a week. Plus, then you don’t have to talk to annoying coworkers. Double win!

Bonus: Get Up Earlier, Go to Bed Earlier

I saved this piece of advice for last because I knew you would want to claw my eyes out when you read it. I know that you don’t get enough sleep as is, and I totally get that … but writing is your passion. I assume. I mean, you’re the one reading this blog post, right?

So sacrifices need to be made. Okay, okay, jeez! Don’t through your notebook at me. I’m leaving now, I promise.

… overreactor.
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