How to Put More Heart Into Your Work

Put Heart in Your Work

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, or checking out a blog for the first time and you all of a sudden feel at home? You feel connected to the person behind the screen. You dig their style, their work, their presence. And you’re not the only one. They have followers, customers and loyal fans loving on their work.

What creates a magnetic presence is the heart the creator puts into their work. When heart is infused, what you create takes on that it factor that can be hard to put a finger on, but you can feel.

Feel, my friends!

Putting heart into your work isn’t difficult but rather it’s all about intention and getting conscious of what you infuse into what you’re creating. When you do so, you connect deeper with your audience and customers, while leaving a lasting impression.

Doing so all starts by knowing thyself. (Hat tipped to the ancient Greeks for that one).

And luckily you don’t need years of psychoanalysis to do so. Rather knowing thyself is an invitation to explore, and make conscious, what makes you laugh, what makes you light up, what work or idea jolts you to action when cozy in bed on a Sunday morning.

The more you explore these parts of yourself, and get clear on what they are, the more you can infuse them into your work. For example, when you create from a place of excitement that feeling will be energized in what you create and will attract people to you because you’re sparking excitement in them.

A way to do this is to share your stories. Dig into the universal lessons of them. Play with the questions alive in you. Lean into the creative acts that light you up.

Of course, when you are creating something that matters to you, that’s close to you, that’s alive for you, this triggers vulnerability.

Vulnerability is often something we want to drown in cookies and cream ice cream, but it’s what connects us to other humans in meaningful ways. This doesn’t mean you have to share ALL THE SECRETS, but it does mean connecting to your story and your emotional experience and sharing the anecdotes and memories that make you relatable.

When it comes down to it, our stories are our own, but they connect because they are universal and connect us through our shared humanity. So share on m’dear, you’ll be loved for it.

Overall, you attract people to your work by putting yourself into it. That’s why brands with personality stand out, that writing with heart can be felt. The reason is the creator is putting themselves into the work, They are excited about it, care about it, are connected to it because of their own past and present experiences. This translates, big time. And when this translates, you create something memorable that people want to come back to again and again.

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